We have extensive experience in commercial projects, tenant improvements, room additions, remodels, renovations and high-end residential.

Energy Electric SD Inc. works with general contractors, property managers, real estate agents, and homeowners. We make it easy for contractors to work with Energy Electric SD Inc. Just give Chris a call (858) 344-2945 and let him know you need a quote. Chris will schedule a job walk or just email the project plans to energyelectricsandiego@gmail.com. Either way, Chris will prepare a detailed estimate for all your electrical needs and email it right to you.

When the project is ready for the electrical rough-in, our team will be there to knock it out in one shot. Our work is clean, meticulous and efficient. We don’t mess around.

The next phase is the finish electrical; this is when we make your project come to life and we really shine. City Inspectors even complement our work; our finished product is always impressive.

We provide quality construction; complete each project in a timely manner to the satisfaction of everyone concerned.

We have made sure that our prices remain competitive and affordable.

Energy Electric SD Inc. is not just different but great!

Call us today for your electrical project: Chris Wysoczanski, 858.344.2945